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Wood Bead Super Hero Necklaces & Key Chains

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Wood Bead Super Hero Necklaces & Key Chains


Originally, I created these super hero necklaces and key chains for my favorite little guy...my four year old son. But when I showed my 13 year old daughter, she went CRAZY over them!

She proceeded to tell me that with the recent release of the Captain America movie and the new Spiderman movie coming out, these little necklaces would be super cool for her to wear. She said her friends would love them too! Turned out she was right. She has been wearing them to school all week and she said she has been getting compliments from girls and boys alike. Including my favorite comment from a boy who passed her by in the hall, "That necklace is sick Nina, I like it!"

By the way, my son loves them too. But what I didn't expect was that he asked to draw and paint his own with my daughter and I (Can you guess who he painted? Take a look at his pajamas). And YES, we are all still wearing our PJ's in the afternoon! It made for a fun Saturday with my kids!


Want to make one or two or three?! No problem, just gather your materials and follow these steps.

Materials Needed:

24mm unfinished wood beads
leather cording
key rings
acrylic craft paint
acrylic clear sealer
paint brushes (various sizes)
plastic cup
felt (Superman's cap)


Step 1: Sketch out a simple design.
Step 2: Sketch your design lightly with pencil onto the wood bead (helpful hint: slide bead onto the end of a paintbrush while you sketch and paint)
Step 3: Paint the bottom bead or torso, allow first coat to dry, then add the muscle lines last
Step 4: Paint the hair onto the top bead or head, allow the hair to dry, then paint the face. After the face has dried, paint on the eyes and mouth.
Step 5: Once the beads are completely painted, let them dry in a cup, carefully making sure they do not touch one another. This usually takes about 1 hour.
Step 6: Once beads are dry, spray beads with a clear acrylic sealer. Then place them back in the cup to dry again.
Step 7: Allow them to dry overnight and then string them onto leather cording for necklaces or onto key chains.

If you would like to make Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America or Hulk...below we have provided some simple sketches to get you started.