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Video Tutorial - How to Make Your Own Bottle Cap Images

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Video Tutorial - How to Make Your Own Bottle Cap Images

This might seem overwhelming at first, but I promise if I can do it, so can you and in a matter of minutes too! Simply watch our video tutorial BELOW and follow the easy steps. You will be able to turn your images into 1 inch circles---ready to be printed and used with your bottle cap crafts.


Before watching the video go to www.picmonkey.com

Video Tutorial (Be sure and click to full screen to see all of the detail)

Step by Step Instructions:

This is how I make my bottle cap images.

1 - I have attached a 4x6 bottle cap image template. Please save that to your computer.

2 - Go to www.picmonkey.com (it is a free photo editing site, the basic version is free)

3 - Click on edit picture, it will allow you to choose an image from your PC.

4 - On the left you will see icons along the side of the screen, click on the frame icon (it is the 6th icon)

5 - Then click on the top where it says, shape cut outs and select the circle shape

6 - Adjust the size and then click save at the top of the page. This will save your circle image as a png

7 - Once your circle image is saved, click on open at the top of the site on picmonkey and select the 4x6 template you downloaded to your computer.

8 - Click on the butterfly icon on the left of the screen ( 5th icon down) and click on your own at the top of the screen.

9 - Select the circle png you created of your image and fill it in on the 4x6 template, click and drag the shape to adjust the circle to fill the template. If you are repeating the same image for the entire sheet, right click the circle png and click duplicate overlay. Once the template is full simply save as a jpeg and send it to a lab for processing.

Click here---- FREE Bottle Cap 4 x 6 Template Image


To assemble bottle cap crafts, simply follow our tutorial on How to Make Bottle Cap Accessories.

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Lastly, if you need bottle cap images be sure and check out our FREE Bottle Cap Images Pinterest Board for a variety of free images.

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Happy Crafting!