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Product Spotlight: Extender Chains

I would have to say that extender chains are my most favorite finding! I have two daughters that like to share necklaces with me, so I added extender chains to all of my necklaces and now the necklaces look great on all of us. Another reason I love extender chains is that children grow so quickly. You might make your toddler an adorable chunky necklace and one year later it is too small. But by adding an extender chain when you make the necklace, you add years to your accessories. Last but not least, depending on your neckline you might want to wear your necklace at different lengths for just the right look!


Best off all, they are REALLY inexpensive! So what are you waiting for....start extending!

Chunky Necklace Tutorial Step 4

Chunky Necklace Tutorial Step 13