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NEW FHE Format for Teens! {free printable}

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NEW FHE Format for Teens! {free printable}

My talented and creative friend Colette over aMy Computer is My Canvas came up with a amazing way to do LDS Family Home Evening. Best of all the printables are FREEBIES! Simply download your free printables, purchase your bottle caps and epoxy stickers from our store and assemble!

Here's how it works: The idea is a combination of your favorite electronic devices, Gospel Topics and the core Church materials we have - I call these the "Search & Study" Resources. Next, simply print and trim the strips - then on the back, write topics you would like your family to study during upcoming FHE's (or... let everyone contribute topics to the jar). Store your strips in a jar. During FHE, each family member draws a "Search & Study" Option (or church resource) and someone in the family draws a Topic. Next, SET A TIMER for whatever works for you that night (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes - or maybe you only have time for a 3 minute speed round) - then each family member speed-studies the topic with the resource they drew. When time is up, everyone shares something they found that they liked or something they learned.

Happy Crafting,