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DIY Pearl Ribbon Necklace Tutorials (2 Styles)

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DIY Pearl Ribbon Necklace Tutorials (2 Styles)

As soon as my niece Nikki got engaged this past year, I was so excited to help out with her wedding! Who doesn't love weddings! 

Nikki remembered when she was little being included in my wedding, as well as her other auntie's weddings. She wanted to somehow include all of her cousins. She is the oldest grandchild on both sides. She got matching pin dot bow ties for all of the boys and we made tulle skirts and necklaces for all of the girls! 22 necklaces total. The recipients were thrilled!

I will explain in 2 VERY EASY tutorials below how to make this darling, VERY BUDGET FRIENDLY necklaces. But first I have to share some beautiful pictures from her wedding day.

The new Mr. and Mrs.

The bride and groom with the little boys....I love their pin dot bow ties!

Could this flower girl be any cuter!?!

My daughters with the bride.

The wedding on a budget turned out amazing!

These two cousins have the cutest relationship...ginger power!

The whole crew!

Materials Needed:

5-7 faux pearl beads 20mm ( I used 5 beads for 3 years old and under and 7 for girls ages 3 years and older)

1.5 inch satin ribbon (1 yard)

2 jump rings 12mm

2 jump rings 6mm

eyepins 2 inch

round nose pliers

side cutters




fray check or lighter

Step by Step Instructions:

1 - Slip 1 bead onto an eyepin. Trim off about 1/2 off the top of the eyepin.

2 - Create a simple loop with round nose pliers. Trim off excess.

3 - Add another eyepin, repeat steps 1 and 2.

4 - Continue until you have added all 7 beads.

5 - Slip 6mm jump ring around 12mm jump ring.

6 & 7 - Attach this combination to both ends of the necklace.

8 - Cut 2 lengths of ribbon - 24 inches and 12 inches. Slip the end of the ribbon through the 12mm jump ring. Then hand stitch to secure.

9 - You are all done, the necklace will tie on the side.

Now onto the other style.

Materials Needed:

8mm faux pearl beads (150 beads)

sewing thread or fishing line



fray check or lighter

5/8 inch satin ribbon (1.5 yards)

Step by Step Instructions:

1 - String all 150 beads together with needle and thread. Leave about 1 inch of lag when you tie both ends together.

2 - Fold bead circle in half.

3 - The fold in half again. Now the beads are basically 4 loops between your fingers.

4 - Cut ribbon, you will need 2 lengths (22 inches each). 

5 - Slip ribbon under lag in the loops.

6- Simply tie a knot.

7 & 8 - Wrap ribbon edge around the knot and hand stitch to secure.

9 - Fray check or burn edges of ribbon. Tie a bow around your neck. All done!

Be sure and check out our Pinterest Boards for even more budget friendly wedding ideas! 

Happy Crafting,