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DIY Kids Craft: BFF Wood Bead Necklaces

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DIY Kids Craft: BFF Wood Bead Necklaces


These two darlings bring out the best in one another! They are so much alike. They are both friendly, sweet, funny, crafty, creative, girly, loving, smart, thoughtful and beautiful. Above all, they both have the most tender hearts in the world. It is no wonder that they get along so fabulously! So a few weeks ago (when I was crafting super heros with my kids), my daughter asked if she could paint something for herself and her friend. I agreed happily, she has great ideas! She created these ADORABLE friend look-a-like necklaces. They are unique, simple, easy and inexpensive!


Materials Needed:

20mm unfinished wood beads
acrylic craft paint
acrylic clear sealer
paint brushes (various sizes)
plastic cup

Refer to our previous tutorial post : Wood Bead Super Hero Necklaces & Key Chains. . Simply paint your beads to look like yourself and your friend. A perfect summer craft or birthday gift!