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DIY Apple Ribbon Necklace Tutorial

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DIY Apple Ribbon Necklace Tutorial

I wish I could take credit for this darling necklace....but "no can do" on this one! My daughter's creative 11 year old friend made a necklace for herself and my daughter for the first day of school! My daughter was feeling nervous about starting Junior High and this small token of friendship made her day. This is a great project, for many reasons. Most importantly, you can probably make one with supplies you already have at home. I know I have lots of projects where I have one or two beads left over. So pull out your left over beads and ribbon and let's make one!


Materials Needed:

  • 20mm or 24mm bead (she used a 20mm gumball bead) a wood bead would be cute too!
  • off white 1/8 inch ribbon (24 to 36 inches depending on the desired length)
  • green 1/8 inch ribbon (8 to 12 inches depending on your creation)
  • needle or 6 inches of beading wire folded in half to thread the ribbon through the bead


1. Fold off white ribbon in half and tie a knot just above where the ribbon is folded (see photo).
2. Thread both ends of the ribbon that are not tied through the bead so that it will rest on top of the knot.
3. Tie the loose ends of the ribbon together.
4. Now wrap the green ribbon around the off white ribbon about 1 inch above the bead, continue until you reach the bead. Then tie a knot and finish off with a bow. Then clip the ends of the bow and fray check.

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