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Back to School DIY Accessories

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Back to School DIY Accessories

It feels like just yesterday I was typing away about how excited I was for summer break. Why does the summer have to go by so quickly (sniff, sniff). Back to school season has it's perks too....sort of! I love it when I see all the school supplies, in bulk, placed in the front of the stores. I love to open a new box of crayons or colored pencils. There is something about the newness and the bright colors....it makes my heart happy! I love all the darling folders, binders, backpacks, and of course . . . new school clothes. With the summer winding down, why not add some pizazz to your children's backbacks and back to school ensembles before they head back into the classroom! Whether they wear a uniform or not, boy or girl, the options are open ended. Plus, as a bonus, it would make a fun end of summer activity to craft together!


#1 - Tassel Necklace This is a colorful, trendy addition to your outfit. It is simple to make, just follow our tutorial!

#2 - DIY Cascading Ribbon Necklace This statement necklace is sure to WOW! It is simple to make and inexpensive too. Just watch our video tutorial and make one in a snap!

#3 - BFF Wood Bead Necklaces What a fun way to start your first day! Make one for you and your best friend or friends! You could have a back to school party and paint them together. This creative project is affordable and easy!

#4 - Wood Bead Super Hero Necklaces & Key Chains This project would be fun for boys and girls alike! Whether you wear it as a necklace or put it on a key chain and attach it to your backpack. It is sure to make what ever you are wearing "super"!!!

#5 - "La Petite Bow" Gumball Necklace" This DIY project is perfect for both young and older crafters! Simply string your beads onto the leather cording or ribbon and presto . . . you are done! We have a video tutorial for you to follow that makes it fail proof!

#6 - DIY Anthropologie Knockoff Headband Great project to add some color to your hairdo! It would look darling with your hair down or to compliment your sock bun. Let this tutorial inspire you and create something unique!

#7 - DIY Chunky Wooden Bead Necklace You can't go wrong with wood beads this year! They add color and fashion to any outfit. Never made a beaded necklace....no problem! They are way EASIER than you think. Plus with our easy to follow video tutorial, you are sure to find success!

#8 - "Bring on Spring!" Necklace & Bracelet This could easily be retitled, "Back to School" Necklace and Bracelet. This is a great project for young crafters. Simple string your beads on a ribbon and your project is complete. The thinner the ribbon ...the easier it is to string on the beads.

#9 - Personalized Bottle Cap Zipper Pull Make a bottle cap zipper pull to add to your child's backpack! There are thousands of images available on Etsy for download and purchase. Or you can use a photo or a design of your own! This would also make a fun back to school party for cousins or friends....boys or girls. Bonus, it is very budget friendly. Only around $1 per zipper pull. We have an easy to follow tutorial on our website, as well as all the supplies needed for the zipper pulls.

#10 - Beaded Stretch Bracelet This is a quick, inexpensive, and super simple DIY project. You can even try it out with wood beads and add a tassel to match your tassel necklace! Simple follow the tutorial on our website.

These are just a few suggestions. For more inspiration, be sure to follow us on Pinterest and Instagram.

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