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Let's Celebrate Earth Day! 13 DIY Upcycled Jewelry Projects

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Let's Celebrate Earth Day! 13 DIY Upcycled Jewelry Projects

Earth Day is next week! Are you excited? The Earth is important to celebrate, so honor Mother Nature with a fabulous upcycled jewelry piece. Recycled jewelry is also a great way to show you care for the environment, but still want to maintain a sophisticated look. Wearable recycled crafts are an awesome way for DIY crafters to save some cash while also going "green" and saving the Earth! Instead of tossing that old t-shirt, CD or soda bottle in the trash bin, turn it into the latest DIY jewelry trend!


1. Geometric/Round Bead Necklace
2. Plastic Bottle Key Chain
3. Recycled CD Earrings
4. Braided T-Shirt Bracelets
5. Fringe T-Shirt Necklace

6. Soda Can Earrings
7. Soda Tab Bracelet
8. T-Shirt Scarf
9. Wood Bead T-Shirt Necklace
10. Neck Tie Necklace

11. T-Shirt/Bead Cluster Necklace
12. Water Bottle Cuff Bracelet
Bridal Wrist Cuff

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board Upcycled Jewelry for even more Earth Day inspiration!