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DIY Bracelet Tutorial: "May the 4th" Be With You!

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DIY Bracelet Tutorial: "May the 4th" Be With You!

I asked my daughter to come up with a bracelet for an important holiday at our house, "May the 4th"!


I LOVE what she created. It is feminine, unique and subtle. Best of all, it is inexpensive, customizable and we have an awesome tutorial to show you how to make one of your own. ( My favorite detail are the little hair buns.)


These two are pretty big fans... love the excitement in his eyes.


Let's get started!!!

Materials Needed:

Step by Step Tutorial


1. gather your supplies (listed above)
2. print out some reference photos for inspiration
3. slide your beads onto the ends of paint brushes (this trick makes it easier to paint them)
4. sketch your design lightly onto the bead with a pencil
5 & 6. paint your design using fine tip brushes
7. place carefully in cup to let them air dry before spraying them
8. after they are dry (about 1.5 hours) spray them with acrylic sealer
9. then allow them to dry until they are no longer tacky, about 3 or 4 hours
10. once the beads are dry, slide them off of the paint brush handles
11 & 12. then thread a double strand of elastic coding through the beads (see threading tip here)
13. tie off the stretch cord and trim the ends
14. tie on a ribbon and fray check the ends
15. allow the fray check to dry for a few minutes
16. all done!


Lastly, be sure and check out our Fizzy Pops Pinterest Boards for even more great inspiration!

Happy Crafting!